Monday, May 22, 2006

Heritage conservancy to focus on preserving landscape at workshBrockville Recorder and Times, Canada - May 19, 2006LANSDOWNE (Staff) -- Noted area biologist Don Ross is one of several presenters who will deliver a workshop on preserving the landscape to kick-start the ... GAA: Landscape changing for the better at long lastRoscommon Herald, Ireland - May 10, 2006By Tommie Kenoy. They say time flies, and how right they are! It seems only like the blink of an eye since Roscommon last faced New ... Panel: Landscape for Indian investment changingIndUS Business Journal, MA - May 18, 2006... investment. Jazdowski agreed that the landscape for investment in India has changed as recently as in the past 24 months. Patel ... Luminous Landscape with big megapixelsDigital Camera Reviews and News - May 16, 2006The Luminous Landscape has published an article titled 'Measuring Megabytes' which compares a range of high end digital SLRs, medium format backs and 4x5 ... Landscape Architect James Hyatt Joins Valleycrest, Establishes ...Lawn & Landscape, OH - May 19, 2006Internationally-acclaimed and award-winning landscape architect and urban designer James Hyatt joins ValleyCrest Companies to head Hyatt Studio, a newly ... Western Tanagers Brighten Up Spring LandscapeKitsap Sun (Subscription), United States - May 21, 2006By JOAN CARSON | THE BIRD LADY. Morning sunwas highlighting the weeping cherry in our front yard when a sudden flash of bright red ... Meditating on the (subscription), TN - May 18, 2006... While it's coincidence that three galleries in Memphis are showing solo exhibitions of landscape painting, it's no accident that viewers will derive a similar ... Salem firm wins national landscape design awardSalem News, USA - May 9, 2006... But the world of landscape architecture stood up and took notice a few days ago when Blier's firm, Landworks Studio, won one of the industry's top honors. ...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Read an article on BBC online yesterday about DMK bringing in a rule that non brahmin priests will be allowed to perform poojas in temples in TN. Well I have been to a good few temples in the villages where often poojas are performed by non brahmin priests who are not 'qualified' I suppose these restrictions only exist in bigger temples. I have had a lot vidhandaavaadhams on this subject and I am yet to be convinced on the reasoning behind why ones right to perform pooja for God is dependent on ones birth. I am still to be convinced on the qualifications for the priests, I am perfectly happy to be in a temple where the pooja is performed in Sanskrit, I am perfectly happy to be in a temple where the oduvar sings Thevaram as the priest carries on with the pooja and am equally happy to be where the archanais are conducted in Tamil, I am just happy to be in a temple and to me more important than anything else is that the temple and its surroundings are kept clean. Also unlike the Christian churches our priests do not provide any counselling or guidance as such, so where does qualification come into play here? I was brought up listening to stories of nayanmars, especially Kannappa Nayanaar story was our favourite as youngsters. To date I find Kannappar's love for God and the Sivachariar's devotion to God fascinating, who is to say that one is greater than the other. I personally don't care whether the priest is a Brahmin or not, in fact I don't even care whether or not there is a priest. I am extremely well aware of the fact that I have been away from home for too long and my views are often very different to what others think, its probably the same when it comes to reservation but will save that for another day. Too busy right now to be defending myself against brickbats from you lot :P

Sunday, February 26, 2006

aider moi j'ai une grosse urgence vous croyez que je devrais teindre mes cheveux en blonde ou brune?(deja j'ai les cheveux un peu brun)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

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